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Get to know some of the people who have participated in the Northern Medical Weight Loss program and achieved great success in their health and weight loss goals.

David Lost 128 Pounds!


David Lost 128 Pounds!

1. What was your weight loss wake-up call?

I was tired all the time, and noticed that my weight was affecting my job, by not being able to reach my full potential as a firefighter. Also, as an EMT I see first hand what being obese can do to your body.

2. How has your weight loss changed your life?

  • Increased energy: I go, go, go!
  • Feel 100% better
  • Made me 100% better firefighter
  • Excited about activities like biking, swimming, and running
  • More motivated about life in general

3. What is your typical exercise regimen, and do you have any advice for those beginning a new exercise regimen?
I exercise 6 to 7 days per week, including cardio for at least 1 to 3 hours, strength training 2 times per week, and don't forget stretching! I like to mix up my cardio workouts and do everything from using the Stair Master, running, bike riding or spin class, swimming, and will throw an aerobics class in there if I need a down day. The main thing is to get active! My workouts typically go 45 minutes to 1 hour each. For example, Wednesday I took a 45 minute spin class followed by an hour on the stair master. I also run 5Ks and 10Ks, as well as riding my bike up to 50 miles with a 17.1 mph average.

Tip: Get a heart rate monitor! When engaging in any type of cardio exercise, my goal is to get my heart rate over 120 beats per minute (BPM). There are many heart rate monitors on the market that will tell you your maximum heart rate, average heart rate, and your calories burned during any given workout. A good rule of thumb is to subtract your age from 220, and that will give you the optimal maximum heart rate for your age (e.g. 220-35 = 185 BPM).

4. How did you manage to integrate this healthy lifestyle into your life? Was it hard to accommodate the rest of your family?
I just did it because I did not want to live in a doctor's office for the rest of my life. I have better things to do, and better things to live for. My family was very supportive of this healthy lifestyle, and they have been a great help.

5. Favorite healthy food or snack?
Peanut butter crackers.

6. What was most challenging about losing weight?
Changing my routine to wake up at 5:00AM so that I could make time for exercise. And it was also a challenge to make sure I was eating enough calories.

7. What are some of your own "Tips for Success"?

  • Track your calories.
  • Don't be lazy.
  • Don't put it off.
  • Make EVERY day count.

Angie Lost 70 lbs! ANGIE

Angie Lost 70 Pounds!

At times, many of us find ourselves in the same rut of being busy with work, taking care of a family and finding little or no time for ourselves. Angie juggled a busy career and responsibilities at home and found herself out of shape, with little energy to keep up with her daily tasks. She knew it was time to make a change for herself and her loved ones.

Angie made the decision to make long-term changes by changing her eating habits, counting calories and exercising regularly. She still has a busy career and home life, but her energy level has soared and she can easily keep up with the demands of her busy schedule. Angie even recently completed her first 5K run and enjoys all kinds of physical activities with her family.

1. What was your weight loss wake-up call?
Not one certain thing. I was just tired of being overweight and woke up one morning and said, "This is enough."

2. How has your weight loss changed your life?
I feel better all around. I enjoy doing a lot more with my family. It has made me a more confident person.

3. What is your typical exercise regimen?
30 min to 1 hour 4-6 times a week of activities I enjoy, such as running, kickboxing and cycling.

5. Tips for success:
Don't give up! Some weeks weight loss may go slow, but don't give up. Push mentally.
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